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Education / Human Resource Development

IMG offers advisory services for human resource development in various sectors in developing countries.  We also provide services for the reform of educational administration, and analysis and evaluation of primary, secondary, and tertiary education projects.

Advisory Service to the Lao Ministry of Education and Sport

(Nov. 2011 - Oct. 2012)

 The Lao Government has identified its highest priority to be the reformation of its education system in order to meet ASEAN’s educational standard, accomplish the ‘Education for all’ goals by 2015, and graduate from the least developed country (LDC) classification by 2020. The Lao Ministry of Education and Sport together with other donor countries have formed a working group for educational reform in order to tackle a large number of issues which have hindered the improvement and quality of education. Under the JICA contract, IMG sent an advisor on all educational sub-sectors from pre-primary to secondary schools, and aid coordination. The advisor is providing guidance and assistance for the new projects and overall education administration, as well as training her counterparts in the Ministry.

Advisory Service for Molding Technology Improvement Project in Pakistan

(May. 2005 - Aug. 2006)

 In Pakistan, plastic molding was being imported from abroad. JICA therefore implemented a project which was aimed at enhancing the technical ability of private enterprises producing plastic molding and other parts domestically. This project was successfully carried out by supporting the Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Center (PITAC) with the renewal of its technology and equipment.

   Under the JICA contract, IMG sent a management expert to PITAC to teach its staff how to efficiently and effectively conduct training through the use of business management tools such as monitoring sheets, objective management, and personnel evaluations. The expert also conducted analysis of PITAC’s financial and human resource positions and successfully taught the staff how to establish organizational and managerial strategies.

Planning and Evaluation for Japan Centers in Kirghiz, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Cambodia

 In order to provide assistance in human resources development for countries shifting over to the market economy, JICA has established Japan Center’ in Kirghiz, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Cambodia, and continues to support for strengthening the centers’ human resources and management. Under contract with JICA, IMG examined and evaluated the project's implementing process, achievement, and challenges. Based on the evaluation, IMG has made long-term plans of JICA's assistance for the Japan Centers.

Assessment of the Contribution of Horisonallearning program to/from JICA Projects in Bangladesh

 In Bangladesh, the Horizontal Learning Program (HLP) started in 2007 with the support of the Water Sanitation Program (World Bank). The program is a Union Parishad (Bangladesh local governments) led peer-to-peer learning initiative, facilitated by the Local Government Division, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives (LGRD&C), which has been implemented in partnership with various donors and NGOs. Under the program, local governments connect with each other to identify, share, and replicate good practices. IMG analyzed the actual situation of HLP’s roles and effectiveness as well as the challenges it faces, and put forth recommendations for what future assistance JICA should provide to HLP.  

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