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Work-Life Balance Standards

The following action plan has been established to create an environment with a better Work-Life balance for all employees. 

1.  Implementation period: 2 years from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2025.

2.  Objectives and Actions

< Objective 1 >

Allow women who are trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, or raising children to work exclusively in Japan.
In addition, both men and women are allowed to flexibly adjust their working hours and travel periods to accommodate their specifc childcare and other needs.

< Actions >

January 2024    -  Assess employees’ needs.
February 2024  -  Introduce the system and inform it to all employees.

< Objective 2 >

Enable all employees to utilize at least 15 days annual paid leave.

< Actions >

January 2024   -  Assess current status of annual paid leave days utilization rate.

February 2024 -  Encourage employees to take annual paid leave in a planned manner.

October 2024  -  Verify the status of annual paid leave utilization from April to September. 

                        -   Encourage employees with remaining paid leave days to use them during the year.

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