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Overseas Training Service

 Due to high market competition, there is an imminent need for Japanese enterprises to train human resources to be able to find new business possibilities in emerging markets such as the BRIC and NEXT11 countries.

  IMG has a large overseas network and many years of experience in developing human resources in both private companies and governments with ODA projects.  We can therefore offer training for the staff of Japanese enterprises (OJT program) that are aiming to expand overseas.

FUJITSU University ‘Field Experience Program in Emerging Markets’

(2011, 2012)

 The program is aimed at getting managers of FUJITSU Limited to realize the potential needs of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development, and then to allow them to search for possible business chances in the future.  In 2011 and 2012, the program gave opportunities to selected FUJITSU managers to work within local governments, private companies and NGOs in Cambodia and Mongolia.

  A benefit of the program is that it has allowed the participants to directly perceive differences in cultures and business environments, as well as the opportunities and constraints of the emerging market. Furthermore, it has given the participants an opportunity to identify the problems in the management of their host organizations, and then search for the solutions to these problems together with their counterparts.

  IMG has successfully coordinated the program by making use of our experience together with our strong local and human resource networks (coordination of local pre-research, and planning and implementation of training).

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