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collecting employees

Aiming to be a small group of elite professionals, IMG is looking for partners and analysts.

IMG aims to be a small group of elite professionals who are conscious of contributing to the development of developing countries and specialize in the fields of economics, management, society, environment, etc. in aid.

Japan's ODA is shrinking as a whole, but in recent years there has been a growing awareness that it is the basis of aid in the fields that IMG is aiming for, and the demand for human resources is actually increasing year by year. ..

However, there are only a handful of consultants in Japan who are creative and able to provide high quality services in these areas. Therefore, the gap between supply and demand is very large, and there is an opportunity for IMG to grow.

The problems faced by developing countries are different and continue to change as globalization progresses. To deal with it, we must constantly learn and maximize our imagination and creativity. IMG is looking for people who have the spirit and ability to create new ways of thinking that are free from stereotypes and to enhance the quality and presence of Japanese aid.

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