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Post-Conflict Recovery and Peace-Building

Post-conflict recovery and Peace-building: IMG’s Post-conflict recovery and Peace-building Projects include analyzing the political, social and economic circumstances in post conflict countries, developing peace-building strategies and interventions, and planning and implementing social integration and human resource development for returning refugees, internally displaced persons, and ex-combatants.

Study on Regional Cooperation for the Development of Afghanistan

(Feb. - Jun. 2009)

 An interregional cooperation approach is essential to formulate projects for the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Under contract with JICA, IMG conducted a project titled “The Study on Regional Cooperation for the Development of Afghanistan,” which analyzed the challenges of Afghanistan and surrounding countries. In addressing the identified challenges, IMG compiled recommendations for Japan’s aid policy including strategies for cooperation with relevant countries and application of existing regional cooperation schemes.

Project Formulation for Implementation of the Afghan National Dev't Strategy

(Aug.- Oct. 2007)

  Afghanistan was heavily dependent on foreign aid for the majority of its finance even after the reconstruction process had begun in 2006. Afghanistan’s domestic revenue in 2006 accounted for only 5% of its GDP. With a view to promoting the effective use of foreign aid, IMG conducted research on the progress of Afghanistan’s National Development Strategy and the activities and challenges of the Ministry of Finance (Budget Formulation and Monitoring Unit, Aid Coordination Unit, Revenue Department). Based on the results of this research, IMG then made recommendations on priority issues to be addressed in JICA’s future assistance projects.

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