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Rural / Community Development

IMG’s Rural / Community Development projects include planning, implementing and evaluating projects on rural development, natural environment / forest management, and community development.

Public-Private Partnership Project for the Improvement of the Agriculture Product Marketing  in the Republic of Indonesia

(Jan. 2017 - Jun. 2020)

IMG implemented a technical cooperation project in Indonesia. The project aimed to establish efficient agricultural product supply chains through the establishment of trade networks between modern markets (high-end supermarkets, convenience stores, food-service industry, food processing industry, etc.) and reliable producers who have certain agricultural production skills.

Advisory Service to Bornean Biodiversity Conservation Programme, Malaysia

(Feb. 2011 - Mar. 2012)

 The Crocker Range National Park located in the western Sabah State of Malaysia adopted the Community Use Zone (CUZ) in which community members and Sabah Parks (SP, a government division) jointly manage a protected area. By agreement between the community and SP, community members are allowed to utilize a certain amount of resources in the CUZ. An agreement has been reached between the two parties regarding the size of the CUZ, hunting procedures, and the use of pesticides and fertilizers within the CUZ. Under contract with JICA, IMG sent an expert to develop the community’s rules and regulations in the CUZ, strengthen the community organization, and enhance SP’s capacity for designing a management plan.

Advisory Service to Northwest Vietnam Forest Management Project

 (Jul. - Oct. 2011)

JICA’s “Project for Sustainable Forest Management in the Northwest Watershed Area” was aimed at establishing a development model in which participatory forest management and livelihood development are mutually sustained in the pilot sites of the Dien Bien Province, Vietnam. The project’s activities include: (1) formulating and implementing a participatory forest management and livelihood development plan; (2) strengthening technical and institutional capacities of implementing agencies; and (3) planning a strategy for disseminating effective approaches and lessons learned from the pilot project. IMG successfully trained counterpart agencies in formulating and implementing the livelihood development plan.

Formulation of a Project for the Economic Reactivation of Rural Afghanistan

 (Jan. - May 2008)

The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development of Afghanistan had contemplated the possibility of launching programs in agribusiness and livelihood development utilizing local resources to achieve rural development. Under contract with JICA, IMG collected and compiled information on the current status and challenges of local industry and agricultural development. IMG also formulated a project for rural economic reactivation that contributed to the capacity development of local communities.

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