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IMG’s Specialized Fields

IMG mainly provides consultancy services in the following seven specialized fields:

  (1) development policy / development strategy, (2) post-conflict recovery and peace-building  

  (3) investment promotion, (4) improvement of organizational management / institution building,

  (5) Small- and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) promotion, (6) rural / community development, and 

  (7) education / human resource development.

Please click the specialized fields for representative examples of IMG’s projects.

Analysis of macroeconomic and social policies in developing countries, policy recommendations on social and economic development, preparation of recovery strategies from conflicts, preparation of strategies for poverty reduction and industrial development, assistance policy and aid coordination by Japan We make recommendations.

In post-conflict countries, analyze political, social and economic conditions, develop peacebuilding strategies and programs, and formulate and implement plans for social integration and human resource development of displaced persons, internally displaced persons, and discharged soldiers. To do.

We analyze the investment environment in developing countries, strengthen the structure and capabilities of investment promotion organizations, and create strategies and tools for attracting investment.

Improvement of Organizational Management / Institution Building

We are strengthening and improving the organizational structure and capacity of central and local governments and public institutions in developing countries, promoting decentralization and strengthening local public finance, and building and improving systems to support them.

We analyze the business environment in developing countries, analyze the potential and limiting factors of the SME sector and local industries, and formulate, implement, and evaluate SME / local industry promotion policies and strategies.

In developing countries, we are planning, implementing and evaluating rural development projects, natural environment / forest management projects, and participatory development projects that contribute to improving the livelihoods of rural residents.

We analyze the situation of primary, secondary and higher education in developing countries, adviser services for improving educational administration, evaluate projects, and plan, implement and evaluate human resource development projects.

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