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Development Policy / Development Strategy

IMG’s Development Policy / Development Strategy projects include analyzing the macroeconomic and social policies of developing countries, making policy recommendations on social and economic development, developing post-conflict development strategies, designing strategies for poverty reduction and industrial development, and making proposals for Japan’s aid policies and aid coordination. 

Project for Supporting Formulation of Industrial Sector Policy Focused on Technology Innovation and Dissemination

(Mar. 2015 - Oct. 2017)

In Côte d'Ivoire, after political turmoil was resolved in 2011, five industrial sectors were selected for industrial promotion, one of which was agro-industry. IMG was commissioned by JICA to support the government of Côte d’Ivoire in the development of a strategy for innovation and dissemination of technologies related to the manufacture of agricultural processing equipment and machinery parts. The project also included the implementation of pilot projects to prove the effectiveness of the proposed strategy.

Advisory Services on the Preparation of Industrial Strategy in Zambia 

(Oct. 2011 - Apr. 2012)

At present, Zambia’s economic and industrial markets depend heavily on copper production and trade; Zambia is working to decrease its reliance on copper by diversifying its economy and achieving economic development through industrial promotion. Under contract with JICA, IMG sent an expert to provide assistance in preparing an Industrial Strategy in the engineering sector, which was one of Zambia’s target areas for development. The expert also strengthened the policy formulation capacity of the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, and the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA).

Research for the Reconstruction Assistance of Northern Uganda

 (Nov. - Dec. 2009)

In northern Uganda, local governments had been virtually dysfunctional due to two decades of conflicts. With the Ugandan government’s resumption of peace talks with antigovernment forces in 2006, JICA’s assistance in the reconstruction of northern Uganda grew. Under contract with JICA, IMG conducted information collection and analysis, confirmed assistance needs, and developed assistance approaches for local government’s capacity development with a view to promoting the return and resettlement of internally displaced people.

Research for Cooperation in the Legal and Judicial Field

 (Nov. 2008 - Mar. 2009)

JICA provided assistance in the development of legal systems in six countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, China, and Mongolia); however, the assistance approaches and framework in the legal and judicial fields of these countries had not been well documented. IMG therefore developed a draft of “JICA’s Assistance in the Development of Legal Systems,” which included: (1) objectives of the assistance, (2) implementation structure / domestic assistance framework, (3) backgrounds, experiences, outcomes and approaches of cooperation in the legal and judicial field by country, (4) characteristics and effectiveness of JICA’s cooperation, and (5) challenges to overcome.

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